Lets give this blogging thing a try.
The Kid With a Broken Halo

For the first string of posts for this and to get into the groove of blogging I am going to talk about a book that I read for the first time recently, SCUD the Disposable Assassin.

SCUD is at its core an action comic, that is both its greatest strength and also the reason it rarely gets brought up as a significant comic these days. Began in 1994 it has a relatively simple premise. A Robot Assassin bought from a vending machine finds out that once his target is dead he self destructs. Not wanting to die SCUD decides to critically wound his target and put it up in the local hospital doing freelance Assassin work to pay for the life support. That premise doesn’t sound like that much on face value but as always the quality comes through in the details.

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From what I have seen tumblr seems like a great delivery method of random observations one has on everything they consume day to day, so why not start one.

This is a start hopefully I actually end up using this to its full potential but at this point who knows.